Our guest escorts are professionals who we bring in to enhance specific tours through their expertise in the relevant areas. They help with preparation for the trip, logistics while travelling and give helpful insight and information throughout the duration of the journey. 

Owner/Manager helloworld Rosebud 9th 

Northern Lights, Christmas Markets and Santa Tour 2017

Kim started working at Harvey World Travel Rosebud in 1989 and bought the business with Kate in 2007.

"I love travel for many reasons. The places you see, people you meet, friends you make. I love sharing memories of great times had."

Personal Trainer at Bodychange Mornington 

Escorting Kokoda Track 2018

Tim is the owner of Bodychange Bootcamp, Mornington. He has been Personal Trainer for the past 5 years and is passionate about helping people reach their full health potential. 

"Getting people to not only enjoy training, but teaching them how to train properly, how to eat properly and just see the changes that they make not only physically, but also mentally is so rewarding and the main reason I love it so much!"