Our Tour Escorts are there to make sure that you have a smooth and enjoyable journey. Each of our Escorts have years of experience in the travel industry as well as having extensively traveled themselves which means that that you don't need to worry about any of the details of your trip.

Occasionally we have professionals join our team of escorts to enhance specific tours that have a special focus. You can find out more about our partner escorts under our Guest Escorts page.

You will enjoy getting to know each of these professionals as you travel, swapping stories and creating more.

Owner/Manager helloworld Mornington Cruise and Travel

Robyn started working at the travel agency as a consultant in 2003, became manager in 2005, taking over the business in 2009. "River Cruising is one of my favourite ways of travelling. You experience various destinations, cuisine, and culture while only unpacking once."

Robyn has traveled to more than 40 countries and has experienced 9 river cruises and 25 ocean cruises. 

Senior Consultant at helloworld Mornington Cruise and Travel 
Group Departure Designer and Advertising

Monique has been a travel consultant for 9 years and has a passion for travel. Her favourite country is Fiji and she chose to have her destination wedding there in 2015. "Fiji is such a welcoming country - it feels like my second home. I'd send anyone there in a heartbeat." 

Monique has traveled to 23 countries and experienced 1 river cruise and 4 ocean cruises. 

Senior Consultant at helloworld Mornington Cruise and Travel 

Kaylene has been a travel consultant for 20 years. She started in travel at Destination Travel.  "Thailand is a personal favourite for our family holidays. Phuket is a lovely island with something for everyone, from shopping and markets to beautiful beaches and cultural tours, and plenty more for the more adventurous"

Kaylene has traveled to 28 countries and experienced 5 ocean cruises. 

Manager at helloworld Mornington Cruise and Travel 

Anna started in Travel in 1979. She joined Thomas Cook in 1984 then Harvey World. "With my Italian heritage I have a passion for Italy and have traveled extensively to it's regions over the years". 

Anna has traveled to more than 41 countries, and experienced 3 river cruises and 2 ocean cruises. 

Consultant at helloworld Mornington Cruise and
Group Departure Design Assistant and Social Media 

Catherine has been working in the Travel industry since 2016, having done a few years of personal travel previously.  "I am fascinated by different cultures and languages, and can't imagine ever not having the desire for further travel." 

Catherine has traveled to 19 countries, of which Papua New Guinea is her favorite.